About us

Women understand how important it is to look their best, at all times. Of course, it is possible to sit at home and perfect your own appearance, but this isn’t always suitable. Sometimes, it is better to seek out salons, with your area. The truth of the matter is that the easiest way to find salons in your area is to use our comprehensive website, Salon-Finder.org. With our website, you will gain access to a massive number of features, along with a large database of salons, within your specific area. Instead of scouring through each of these individually, our website offers a search engine, which can help you pinpoint those that fit your needs perfectly.

Our website’s expansive database of salons is updated on a regular basis. In order to make this possible, we have joined forces, with numerous websites and publications.

While our database is important, we feel it is imperative to provide our users, with an enjoyable and straightforward experience. We rely on feedback, in order to improve our system and improve your experience, when using Salon-Finder.org.

Need A Haircut?

There has never been a better way to search out and choose a salon, within your specific area.

  • Our website offers unlimited searches for free.
  • When accessing our database, users will be able to discover salon information, including name, address, contact information, URL and operational hours.
  • Our map-based system, which uses the familiar Google Maps, is easy to use and helps to pinpoint specific properties.
  • Users have the ability to add bookmarks for specific salons, which can be accessed, at a later time.
  • Our website’s massive salon database is updated regularly, by relying on our partnership, with newspapers, publications and other websites.

Salon Owners

While our website caters to the needs of salon seekers, we also offer services to salon owners, which can help find new customers.

  • Salon owners can add numerous listings easily, at any time, for free.
  • Individual salons can provide numerous information about their establishments including name, addresses, contact information and website information.
  • All of these will be plotted and placed on a Google Maps-based system.
  • Salon owners can immediately access and edit their listings, at any time.
  • Owners can sign up for automatic renewals, in order to avoid expired listings.